Friday, July 9, 2010

Those who "click" are promoted?

From a recent Bloomberg Businessweek Etc. Social Studies story, those that click with others are more likely to be more successful in their careers. Psychologist Mark Snyder has dubbed this “high self monitoring,” the ability to adapt one’s personality, behaviors and attitudes to fit in. High self monitors, when pigeon-holed by someone blathering on and on, would find a way to make the conversation meaningful rather than pretending to listen and move on. High self monitors have the ability to ask “who does this situation want me to be, and how can I be that person?” The story mentions several click accelerators with one being proximity and vulnerability by opening up and sharing feelings.

However after reading this I was wondering how will this work in the world of remote workers. As more of us work remotely, will we have the necessary skills to click via the phone, e-mail, IM and other collaboration tools? How will you become open and vulnerable to make those clicking connections across webinars and twitterchats?