Thursday, April 23, 2009

The resume format

Recently I posted the question: Curious as to the best format for an experienced professional's resume, 1 or 2 pages? I posted within professional groups in LinkedIn and Facebook as well as Twitter.

So what did I find? It depends. However I received loads of advice on networking, networking, networking. And did I say networking? When the discussion was on topic, the results were evenly split as to the number of pages. Some proposed "custom" resumes targeting the job's requirements. Seems a management nightmare and a possible conflicting resumes out there. One suggested a cover letter only and complete online profile; e.g., LinkedIn.

Interestingly, no responses from a Facebook group "owned" by a well known learning personality and none from Twitter. I need to work on my number of followers.

My action item: create a one page resume.

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