Thursday, January 29, 2009

Facilitating Virtual Events: Success Factors from the World Bank Group

Darlene Christopher, World Bank Group, (her blog) shared the PREP model:
  1. Planning - become familiar/comfortable with the tool
  2. Rehearsal - important step, practice with the facilitation team, test with mock audience
  3. Execution
  4. Post Mortem - solicit feedback from participants key, use system features
The World Bank Group employs the two person model, lead facilitator and a producer. Use an extra computer logged in as a participant. Can also serve as a backup. VIOP is not an option since they have locations all over the world.

Good tip: have a printout of participants with photos so you can relate to the learners.
  • Use the system to have some fun with the participants
  • Use webcam to establish a "social" presence. The turn it off to save screen real estate. They turn the web cam on during breaks so participants know when the session is restarting
  • From the chat - scheduling a "play date" with new SME presenters with the tool
Wonderful use of WebEx chat function to gather tips from the participants.

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