Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's be careful out there, pt 2

Catching up on the trade magazines on the treadmill and came across Crash and Burn in Electronic Musician about hard drives, why they fail and what to do about it when that inevitable event occurs. Yesterday, I  heard of two colleagues and their troubles with HDD failures with both life and business on hold or distractingly impacted. We can learn from the world that relies on metric tons of HDD storage. In the multimedia, video and music recording world, commercial viability rests on their ability to manage data and HDD. All of us must invoke practices that mitigate the eventual moment when disaster strikes. How many have a HDD backup routine? Do it and do it now. 

Crash and Burn (Bonus material) more details on data recovery from using a pro or DIY.

I use Time Machine on the MAC and currently using the VISTA back up program across redundant USB drives

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